Terms & Conditions


1. Deliveries are made on the understanding that the site can be approached by hard road. Our driver
is empowered to refuse delivery if, in their opinion, there is risk of damage to their vehicle. The customer
will be responsible for any cost incurred.

2. Extra water alters the strength of the mix and any addition will be marked on the delivery note. Water will
only be added at the customers own risk

3. It is not recommended to lay concrete when the temperature is or is likely to drop below 5 degrees
Celsius, or before the temperature is a minimum of 3 degrees Celsius following a cold spell.

4. Quay Concrete Ltd’s liability will be limited in the event of any defects in their concrete products,
including failure to comply with specification, removal and replacement. Such liability can only be
accepted where you can establish:

a) That no additional water has been added after our technician has declared the mix as
ready to use

b) The sample that has been tested has been taken during discharge, in accordance with the
relevant clauses in BS1881 and BS5328

c) All sampling and testing of samples has been carried out in accordance with the relevant
clauses in BS1881 and VS5328

d) Test results have been interpreted in accordance with BS5328 or any specification
previously agreed by Quay Concrete Ltd

e) Reference to compression strength in the specification shall, unless otherwise agreed, refer
to compression strengths in concrete cubes made, cured and tested in accordance with
BS1881 and BS5328 by an UKAS approved test house.

f) We have been notified of the likelihood of a possible failure to meet specifications as soon
as the results have been made available to you

5. Waiting time may be charged for extended periods spent on site at the transport office’s discretion

6. We reserve the right to suspend or delay any deliveries without penalty of any kind in the event of
inclement weather or any breakdown, accident, non-availability of plant or truck, or other causes.

A customer’s signature overleaf shall be deemed as acknowledgement, agreement and acceptance of these conditions of sale and delivery

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